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“…do not be anxious for anything, but in everything with prayer and petition…”

Are you longing for the Holy Spirit to stir up your heart and awaken you to all God is doing in and through your life right now?

Take the next step in your spiritual journey with courageous confidence. Invite God to rejuvenate you through Gospel-centered teaching, genuine Christian fellowship, prayer, and worship during the 2021 Community Church’s Awaken Women’s Conference.

Join us at Community Church on Saturday, February 27, 2021

8:30 am – 3 pm.

Keynote Speaker Laura Sandretti is an everyday wife, mom, and woman whose passion it is to help women think more deeply about themselves, their lives, and why God sent Christ to inhabit, indwell, and impact both. She will teach from God’s Word on how we can be fearless in Christ.

  • Tickets will be available on December 6, 2020 at Community Church
  • Early bird ticket price is $35 before February 15, 2021.  Virtual tickets are available for $20.
  • Price goes up to $40 February 16, 2021.  Virtual ticket price will remain the same.

For Community Church’s hours or more information, please visit here or call (920) 922-1477.

> When and where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available starting December 6, 2020, they can be purchased at Community Church, ReachOut Books, and online here.

> How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices are $35 before February 15, 2021.  They then will go up to $40 after that date.

Virtual tickets are available for $20.

**Note: Virtual Tickets can only be purchased online here.

> I purchased a ticket online. How do I check in?

Online Ticket sales will be available shortly. If you do purchase your ticket on-line, please check in at the “Will Call” table the day of the conference.

> I purchased a Virtual Ticket. What do I do? What does it include?

You will get a confirmation email within 48 hrs of purchase with a link to the conference. Just log on at the start of the conference and enjoy the conference from the comfort and safety of you home. This includes the opening and closing sessions with Laura Sandretti and worship. It will also include two of our breakout sessions, “Why Pray?” And “Ease Your Anxieties, A Wellness Approach”.

There will be an option to add an Awaken Conference Goodie Bag for $5 extra. These are optional and only available while supplies last.

> What is the difference between a virtual ticket and online tickets? 

virtual ticket allows you to watch from home over the internet. It is not a ticket to the in person conference. You can not use your virtual ticket to attend in person.  Please purchase a virtual ticket for each person in your household that will be watching online.

An online ticket purchase is a way to purchase a ticket to attend the conference in person, at church. You will need to check in at the will call window the day of the event.  

> What if I buy a virtual ticket and decide I want to come in person to the conference? Can I upgrade to an in person ticket?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this at this time. You can not use your virtual ticket to gain entrance into the conference at church. We are not set up to accept payment the day of the conference so we can not offer upgrades at the door.

> Are there scholarships available?

For those that may have a difficult time affording a ticket, a limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please contact Jill Utecht at *protected email* for more information

> Will there be childcare available?

Childcare will not be available for the conference.

> Will there be food alternatives for special dietary needs?

We will have a limited number of vegetarian meals available.

If you need something other than that we ask that you bring your own lunch with you.

> Do I have to eat lunch at the church?

No, you do not have to eat the lunch that is included in the ticket price. You are welcome to go out to eat at a nearby restaurant. However, it will not reduce the cost of your ticket.

> Are there refunds if I can’t make it the day of the conference?

We cannot offer refunds on tickets. You can transfer or give your ticket to someone else.

> What about COVID? What if I purchase a ticket and can not attend because I am sick or quarantined?

We are aware that COVID is a fluid situation and that there are a lot of unknowns. We ask that if you are feeling ill, are quarantined because of exposure, or have been tested for COVID and are waiting for the results, that you do not attend the conference. We can not offer refunds. However, you will be able to watch virtually if you are unable to attend. Please email us here for a link to the virtual conference. (See the virtual ticket information above for more details.)

>Will masks be required?

We recognize the mask mandate and request masks be worn in the building during the conference. However, we will not be policing the wearing of masks in recognition of the multiple exemption clauses provided in the mask mandate. We ask that attendees extend grace to one another on this issue.

>How will you be handling lunch this year?

Both breakfast and lunch will be prepackaged and boxed. Minimum food handling will be maintained. 

> What age is the conference appropriate for?       

We recommend age 14 years and older.

> When and where do I check in?

Bring your ticket to Community Church for registration on the day of the event from 8:30-9:00

> How do I sign up for breakouts?

You will not be required to sign up for breakout sessions this year. You will have a choice of three breakout options in the morning and three different options in the afternoon. Choose the session you would like to attend, find its location in the program, and arrive at the start of the session.

> How many breakout sessions can I attend?

You will choose one morning session and one afternoon session.

> Do I have to attend the breakout sessions?

Two breakout sessions are included in the price of your ticket. If you would rather spend time in our prayer room or have coffee in the café with friends you are more than welcome to spend your time that way.  

> I’d love to help! How can I volunteer?

We would love for you to get involved and there is likely a need for help somewhere. Please contact Judy Flood

> Do I need to attend Community Church to come to this conference?

Absolutely not! We would love to see women from all over attend this conference. Invite your friends!

8:30-9:00   Check-in and Breakfast
9:00-10:15   Opening General Session
10:15-10:30   Break
10:30-11:30   Morning Breakout Sessions
11:30-12:30   Lunch
12:30-1:30   Afternoon Breakout Sessions
1:30-1:45   Break
1:45-3:00   Closing General Session

Keynote Speaker Laura Sandretti

Laura is a speaker, author, and blogger. She has a master’s degree in Theological Studies and is a former high school teacher and women’s ministry director. Laura has been married to Chris for 28 years and has three adult children. Laura recently received her AARP card and is planning on burning it as soon as possible.

In her own words Laura is:

“I am… biracial, or as my son calls us, “racially ambiguous.”

I am… the daughter of a 5’1” Japanese mother and a 6’ 3” German/Irish father.

I am… the wife of the perfect man (sorry, ladies).

I am… the mother to two strong, spunky daughters and one hilarious, articulate son.

I am… the middle girl between two brothers.

I am… addicted to coffee, long walks, and a love of cars.

I am… Laura Sandretti”

For more information on our keynote speaker please visit her website at

Breakout Session Speakers

Ease Your Anxieties,
A Wellness Approach
with Gretchen Rauls

Do not be anxious about anything…”. These are the first words of
Philippians 4:6 and I am sure we have heard this verse many
times over the last few months, if not longer. Relating this
to the concept of wellness, how could you apply this to your life?
Anxiety is something that many women face in their lives,
it is not anything to be ashamed of. Figuring out how to
continue to move forward on those hard and difficult days, is so much
more important than not stepping backwards. From firsthand experience,
I know how easy it is to just say “Oh Well…” and slide back into my old ways
however, learning to rely on Jesus to help with the anxious times is what
helped me keep the progress going forward. Whether it be through fitness, or
mindfulness, or stress reduction techniques, or even through nutrition.
Please join me for an interactive discussion on ways you can help to ease your mind
during troubling times, and feel less anxiety.
“…by prayer and petitions, with thanksgiving…”
Jesus is always there, we just need to call upon Him.

Is your sense of wellbeing based on how others see you?
Do your good feelings about who you are stem from receiving approval from someone else?
Is your self-esteem bolstered by solving someone else’s problems?
Are your good feelings about who you are stemming from
being liked by others?

Can you relate to any of the above questions? If so, I’d love to introduce you to ways where you can overcome codependency in relationships.

What is Codependency in Relationships
With Lucy Lonadier
Why Pray?
With Laurie Schurman

In this session we will open scripture and look at
the reasons we pray and then talk about the obstacles
that can hinder our prayer life. We want to become like Daniel
and develop a bold habit of prayer. Though Daniel knew the consequences he’d face, “he continued kneeling
on his knees three times a day, praying and
giving thanks before his God, as he had been doing previously“ (Daniel 6:10). Join me as we invite the Holy Spirit to help us pray
with boldness of faith like Daniel.

Essentials for An
Enduring Marriage
With Ken and Karen Nabi

The marriage relationship is the foundation of the home and
family. Families have never had more pressures than now while raising
children and guarding the marriage relationship. In this workshop we will review the most fundamental and essential elements for long lasting
great marriage. These essential practices must be present and when
they are, there is a blessing that spills over to all other areas of life. This no nonsense discussion will involve candid conversation with a strong emphasis on real life practices. We will focus on things like communication, conflict resolution, money management,
sexual intimacy, and boundaries (and others).

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