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Welcome to the Small Groups page!

At Community Church, small groups are a vital part of church life. As you may have experienced, there are a lot of people around here on Sunday mornings, which is certainly exciting. And it’s a great time to meet people. However, developing solid, dependable friendships is impossible in the middle of the crowd and noise.

This is why small groups are considered critically important in our church. Lasting friendships develop best when a handful of people meet together regularly; when safety and trust are blended to create an open, genuine environment where people can be authentic without concern.

Joining A Group

A List of Community Church Small Groups

Small Group FAQ

Because getting into a group is important, we have attempted to keep the process simple:

  • While at the church, please feel free to look at our small group display in the lobby. Information cards (with contact info) are available to take with you.
  • If you need to visit and ask questions before joining a group, call the church office and we will connect you with the right person.
  • Or if you have a friend in a group, simply ask your friend if you can attend their group with them.

This is a great church to be a part of! You will sense peoples’ excitement when you attend. And it is in small groups that you will gain a sense of belonging.