Small Group FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small group and when do they meet?
It is a group of 3-10 people who meet regularly to build friendships and to grow in their faith. Our groups meet at various times during the week, some during the day and many in the evenings. Groups are welcome to meet at whatever time works best for them.

What do groups do when they get together?
There is no required format for any group to follow. However, we encourage all groups to have a time of visiting informally so that people can catch-up and maybe have dessert. We also encourage all groups to have a time for prayer requests and  prayer. And all groups pursue some form of study. But the order and the time allotted to each component are decided by the group leader.

Beyond those main items, groups can add other components with whatever regularity they decide. Some groups have a social gathering every couple of months. Others perform a service project together. Others “adopt” missionaries. The possibilities here are only limited by group members’ imaginations.

Do I have to be a member of Community Church in order to attend one of the small groups?
No. Our groups are available for anyone who would like to join and be a part of them.

Can I attend a group without committing to it right away?
Absolutely. In fact, we would encourage you to attend a group 2-3 times in order to get a good feel for the group. At that point, it would be important for you to make a final decision about the group.

How many groups are available right now?
There are currently about 35 groups that meet on a variety of nights.