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Pastor Ken’s Resignation Letter

May 18, 2016

Dear Community Church,

For the last several years I have been asked to consider taking the District Executive Minister position of Converge Great Lakes. Last fall, Dr. Perry announced his resignation and asked if Karen and I would submit my name for consideration as his successor. Prayerfully, cautiously, and with the blessing of the Church Council we decided to step out in faith asking God to confirm His will in the process. On May 17th, I was offered, and we accepted, this position of District Executive Minister for Converge Great Lakes.

I have forged a strong conviction over the years, watching dozens of staff come and go, that God’s will for a departing staff is God’s will for Community Church. His will is good for me, and it is good for the church. Right now, Karen and I are grieving and anticipating deep sadness as we begin the process of saying goodbye to a fellowship that has become our family. We love this church body with passion and joy. I have grown so much here, and my kids know no other church experience. I have made many mistakes, had a few successes and have become the leader I am today because of your great grace and love toward me. Thank you so much for that investment in my life. I pray that I make you proud in this next chapter of ministry in my life as I aim to invest in the 120 churches in our district.

I am so proud of the Church Council and the manner in which they are leading through all of this. I have trusted their counsel to me in the journey, and I am certain of their leadership determination to guide the church through this transition into the next chapter of ministry. I know great days are ahead for Community Church because of the three leadership teams guiding the congregation: the Church Council, Management Team, and the tremendous staff team.

If you will listen to my message on May 22, you will hear more of my heart and the procession of decision making which has led to this decision.

With great love and sadness,
Pastor Ken & Karen Nabi
(Josiah, Ellison, Aidan and Bennett)

Video: Announcement of Resignation and Message, Following God Wherever He Leads:

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