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Does Community Church baptize infants?

No, Community Church does not baptize infants. Instead, we practice Parent-Child Dedication. To learn more about about dedication and how it differs from baptism, please see our Parent-Child Dedication page.

At what age can children be baptized?

Children can be baptized as soon as they understand the Gospel message, can conversationally talk about it, and respond to it in faith. Each child is different; some children reach this point around age 6-7, while others are not ready until their teen years.

What steps must children take to be baptized?

A children’s version of the baptism class is offered each time we offer the adult class. If a child is wanting to get baptized, they need to register for and attend that class, meet with Pastor Adam Utecht to talk through their faith story, and then attend the baptism service.

Can families be baptized together?

Absolutely. But the size of the baptismal restricts the number of baptisms that can be done simultaneously.

How does Community Church baptize people? I have never seen a baptismal in the building?

Community Church has a baptismal built into the stage floor in the auditorium. It is filled and warmed in preparation for a baptism service.

Can pictures be taken during a baptism service?

Yes, but we ask the photographers to be discreet, causing as little distraction as possible.