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What is a Community Group?

It is a group of people who meet regularly to grow deeper in their relationship with God and one another.  We have several different kinds of Community Groups:

Small Groups:  These groups often meet in homes and have around 6-18 people.  The groups commit to spend a semester or a year together and often have an affinity focus (a shared purpose or interest such as a similar stage of life or desire to do work projects together).

Studies:  These groups often meet at church during the week with the purpose of studying a book of the Bible or a Biblical topic.  There are several men and women’s studies you can join today.

Classes: These groups often meet at church on Sunday morning.  We have two class options at 10:45am. Some weekly classes are offered seasonally.  Childcare (up through 1st grade) is provided. Classes are designed to help you grow in your knowledge of God or a specific topic.  These groups are focused primarily on education, though we hope deeper relationships can be formed as well.

What is the purpose?

We were not created to live in isolation.  Paul Simon was wrong when he said, “I have no need of friendship, friendship causes pain…I am a rock.  I am an island.” No one should be an island. In the Garden of Eden the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone (Gen. 2:18).” God Himself has lived for eternity in community as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We are called to live in community as well. Joining a Community Group may put you out of your comfort zone, but it is necessary for your growth.  Ultimately you will be glad you did!

Community groups are not just for social purposes.  You can find friends in bowling league, softball teams, or book clubs.  Community Groups are meant to help us grow together in our Savior Jesus Christ.  When we talk with people who have grown in their faith the most common denominator is that they have grown most when someone was challenging them or growing with them.  

We find mentors in community who can teach us not only about who God is, but we learn from watching their lives: how they parent, how they treat their spouse, how they are a witness in the public sphere, how they work with integrity.  We learn how to be gospel-centered disciples from other gospel-centered disciples. It’s how God designed the church to be.


How do I join a Community Group?

Visit our website: and fill out the online form.  You can also fill out a hard copy of the Connect Card on Sunday morning and check the box “Join a Small Group” or “Join a Bible Study or Class”. Give the Connect Card to an usher or drop it in the offering basket.  One of our staff will be in contact with you via text or email to get you connected! You can also contact the church office at 922-1477 for more information.