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Welcome to Community Church’s Prayer ministry page.

Requesting Prayer

If you are in need of prayer, we would like to serve you. Please make your request known by either:
1.  Writing your request on your registration card and place it in the offering plate, when you are here on Sunday, or

2.  Emailing Maggie Matysik, or

3.  Calling the church office and leaving a message there.

Some people may wonder if anyone even pays attention to the requests that are written down. At Community Church we do! These requests are gathered and prayed for by a number of different groups. The staff, Church Council, our Management Team, and our prayer team all receive these requests and regularly spend time praying over them.

Praying For Others

Beyond this, there are opportunities for you to join us in our prayer ministry. This is a fantastic way to serve the entire Community Church family.

Prayer Opportunities

Sunday Morning Prayer begins at 8:00am in the Prayer Room (across the hall from the toddler nursery) and concludes at 9:00am when the first service starts. The main focus of this prayer time is the morning service, the person preaching, and the hearts of our congregation. Time is also spent praying for our children’s and student ministries.
If you have a prayer request, any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Maggie Matysik.