Special Blessings


Community Church has made the decision to include children with special needs into our regular nurseries, Sunday School classes, Children’s Ministry activities, and middle/high school CCU.  Our program is an inclusive ministry (as opposed to placing children with special needs in separate classes.)  Our ministry’s mission is to offer a place where all children can be loved, cared for, and taught to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Special Blessings Ministry serves children from birth through high school and we need volunteers to provide individualized care within our various settings for those who need extra love and support.


  • Willingness to train and gain experience in working with children with special needs and their families
  • A heart of compassion for children with special needs
  • The ability to look past behavior and disability to see the child as a blessing
  • We want each Special Blessings volunteer to be growing in his/her own relationship with Jesus by taking the “next step” (making the decision to follow Him, pray/read the Bible regularly, share Him with others…)
  • All Children’s Ministry volunteers are required to fill out and submit the Children’s Ministry Volunteer Application and undergo careful screening
  • All Children’s Ministry volunteers are required to attend the annual fall volunteer training

GIFTS PREFERRED:  Mercy, Helps, Discernment, and/or Encouragement




  • Work with the family as well as Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry staff and volunteers to design an individualized plan to meet the child’s needs with the goal that the child can participate in regular programming and activities
  • Participate with the child in their regular Children’s Ministry classroom or Student Ministry group
  • Regularly update the CMD/SMD of progress and development as you work with your child
  • Immediately inform the Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry Director of any concerning behavior or injury received during programming or activities


  • Meetings as needed with family and CMD/SMD to develop individuals’ program
  • Attend programming alongside child each week, if possible to maintain consistency–if this is not possible, then serve on a scheduled rotation with other consistent volunteers


Beth Rock – 922-1477 x 106