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Our core values represent convictions we have about how we will pursue the four purposes which drive our ministry and our life together at Community Church. 

While Community Church is purpose-driven, it is values-steered. We are passionate about these values. They influence decision making, goal setting, problem solving, team building, risk taking, resource utilization, and priority determination. 

These values keep us on track with our mission of fulfilling our stated purposes.

We value a Culture of Caring

We desire to be a place that embraces and genuinely loves others; a place where guests are warmly welcomed and invited in AND long-time friends are encouraged.  We want to be a people that meets the needs of others. And through selfless love, we want to see guests become friends. We want Community Church to have a culture of caring: where we can know and be known, serve and be served, love and be loved.

We value a Culture of Authenticity

We want a culture of authenticity: where people can be real with each other.  We want people to be free from wearing masks and pretending that everything is okay.  With genuine humility we want to become people that acknowledge the challenges and difficulties of real life and turn to the Scriptures for real answers.

We value a Culture of Relevance

We want a culture of relevance: where we use modern means to effectively communicate an unchanging messaging to a rapidly changing world.  And we want our ministries to address practical, everyday issues that people need help with.

We value a Culture that’s Biblically-based

We want all of our ministry efforts to be firmly rooted in the Bible.  While many are setting the Bible aside as an outdated resource, Community Church embraces the Bible as inspired, inerrant, and our final authority.

We value a Culture of Prayer

We want to be a people of prayer and we want to see a culture of prayer increasing here.  We recognize that anything of spiritual significance can only be accomplished if wrapped in prayer.  And therefore we want prayer to be our first step, and not our last resort. We want to give ourselves humbly, joyfully, and consistently to prayer, both privately and corporately.

We value a Culture of Joy

We want to build a culture of joy; not happiness that is based on our external circumstances but rather joy; that deep, internal assurance that God is in control no matter our circumstances,  Joy is the assurance of God’s goodness and love. We also want our gatherings to be flavored by laughter and fun. These are a by-product of joy and they are a vital part of spiritual growth.