21 Days of Prayer

Our power to effect change in the world begins with prayer.

Beginning January 10, we will join Converge churches and missionaries from around the world in 21 Days of Prayer.

As we fully submit to God in prayer together, he will display his person and his power in unprecedented ways to advance the gospel so more can meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Prayer Guide: The Upside-Down Kingdom

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In terms of sheer impact, no speech has transformed the world more than the one given by Jesus on the mountainside. It begins with some of the most shocking, upside-down statements ever made.

Jesus preached a new way of living so that we might learn to live as free citizens of this Kingdom wherever we are in the world. But to do so, we must be willing to unlearn, recalibrate, submit and prayerfully apply the teaching of his sermon.

As we take the truth of God, testified to brilliantly by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount, and apply it to our relationships with God and with people, the result will be transformation. It will not be just the appearance of transformation on the outside, but true transformation from the inside out.

Download the Upside-Down prayer guide and starting January 10th, let's pray through the most remarkable speech of all time, together. As we are transformed from the inside out, God can use all of us to continue turning the world upside down.

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