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Parish Nursing is a visible expression of Christ’s healing love. We are called to wholeness and holiness, which is ours only when we are in fellowship with the Lord. As a  ministry of Christian service shaped by Christ’s concern for the whole person, and the whole body of believers, parish nursing is dedicated to the wellness of individuals, families, and the congregation.

What can our parish nurses do?

We can call on those who desire visits, such as those who are ill, in the hospital or nursing home, homebound, or recovering from surgery. For those experiencing life changes such as death, surgery, accident, or childbirth, we can assist them with these concerns and be a liaison, directing them to appropriate community resources.

We can provide educational information through pamphlets, newsletters, workshops, and personal consultations.

We can advocate for people throughout all stages of life, from conception to natural death, including all who are vulnerable for any reason.

We can train and coordinate volunteers and family caregivers to those in need of assistance, or provide referrals when appropriate.

Who are our parish nurses?

Community Church Parish Nurse team consists of Professional Registered Nurses (RN) licensed in the state of Wisconsin.  We currently have two RN’s who have completed the American Nurse’s Association’s Parish Nurse Program.

They are LouAnne Daniels, and Barbara Kuhls and together, they have a combined nursing experience of over 50 years in a variety of settings.

LouAnne’s strengths include critical care, disease processes, cardiopulmonary concerns, and long-term illnesses. Barbara’s strengths include maternal child health, end of life and grief support, GI concerns, and counseling.

They both extend Jesus’ love to the body of Christ through prayer and assisting you with physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. 

How can parish nursing benefit you?

The overall health of the whole person includes  conditions that are physical, spiritual, emotional, and  relational. Each of us face issues such as stress, ethical health care decisions, loneliness, grieving, and other challenges. Our parish nurse ministry can assist you with these concerns and improve your overall wellbeing.

Parish nurses can provide bereavement support, home and hospital visits, and education on health and wellness issues. We can  provide advocacy for those in vulnerable life situations.

Our Parish Nurses desire to edify Christ by serving His Community Church body within our mission statement of “Helping more people become wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ.”

For more information, please contact:

Coordinator: Barb Kuhls, RN, BSN— 920-960-1452

LouAnne Daniels, RN—920-533-8406