Sermon Notes

  1.  does it his way (8:1-35)
    1. Ephraim’s  (8:1-3)
    2. Gideon takes  (8:4-21)
    3. Gideon  as “king” (8:22-32)
    4. Israel falls back into  (8:33-35)
  2.  does it his way (9:1-54)
    1. Abimelech raises  up (9:1-6)
    2.  to Abimelech (9:7-21)
    3. Abimelech’s rule of  (9:22-55)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Judges 8:1-3. Why were the men of Ephraim so upset? Do we ever find ourselves upset when we do not have the opportunity to receive credit? What does that say about our hearts?
  2. How did the men of Succoth and Penuel go into self-preservation mode (8:4-8)? Why do you think Gideon respond the way he does?
  3. Gideon’s actions in 8:13-17 are severe and seem vengeful. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you wanted to take revenge? What did you do? Read Romans 12:17-21. What does God call us to do instead of take revenge? What will God do?
  4. How does idolatry lead us to take revenge?
  5. What do the Israelites say that is wrong in 8:22? Who are they forgetting? How does this affect their request?
  6. What was wrong with what Gideon did in 8:27?
  7. For Gideon to have seventy sons he must have had many wives. The book of Judges is mostly descriptive not prescriptive. We should not read Judges and say, “Gideon had many wives, and the book of Judges does not explicitly say it’s wrong, so it was okay back then.” Based on what happens with Gideon’s son in chapter nine, it is obvious having all these wives and children was not good.
    Miles Van Pelt points out how having multiple wives (breaking the original marriage covenant) “serves frequently as a harbinger of judgment and tragedy…the sexual corruption of Sodom and Gomorrah precipitate their destruction by fire in Genesis 19. Additionally, in 1 Kings 11 Solomon’s vast harem leads him into grievous idolatry, provoking the Lord to anger and resulting in the division of the kingdom, the beginning of the end of Israel’s tenure in the land. As such, the reference to Gideon’s many wives and sons hints at the tragic events that will befall his household in Judges 9.”
  8. Read Isaiah 10:26 and Psalm 83:9-12. In what ways is Gideon like Moses. In what ways is he not like Moses?
  9. (Tim Keller asks) Are there aspects of your life and work you think you should get more recognition and honor for? How will the gospel of grace help you deal well with your successes?
  10. (Tim Keller asks) In which areas of your life do you need to walk more closely, or clearly, in line with the gospel?
  11. Who raises up Abimelech (9:1-6)? What does he do in order to become king? How is Israel becoming more like the Canaanites?
  12. Read Jotham’s story and his call to the people in 9:7-20. What does this story tell us about Abimelech raising himself up as king? How does Jotham show his wisdom and bravery? How is he different than Abimelech?
  13. Read about Abimelech’s rule of terror in 9:22-55. What stands out to you? How does he do things his way? How is the end of his life like Sisera (4:21)?
  14. How is God involved in Abimelech’s death (9:56-57)? How are tehse events consistent with Romans 12:17-21? Is the woman on the tower taking revenge? Why or why not?
  15. God does things His way with justice andgrace (10:1-5). How can we be people of justice and grace? In our homes, in our community, in the world?
  16. In what ways have you been doing things your way instead of God’s way? What will you do to change this week?