Embrace the Desert

Deuteronomy 8- The desert experienced

His purpose: To build a people with their hearts and actions set on Him

His method:

  •  them with need so that they would turn their heads.
  •  and provided for them.
  •  them in order to know what was in their hearts, demonstrated by obedience.
  •  them as a father disciplines his child.

His take away instructions:

  • Be careful to  every command so that you may live and increase.
  • Remember the Lord your God  you and so has purpose for you.
  • Learn that we live not by  alone but by every  that proceeds from the mouth of God.
  •  Him; for all of your needs and your very soul.
  • Be careful not to  the Lord and his ways and thereby  His blessings.

Summary of the desert:

Joshua 1- The desert applied

  • Arise and Go
  • I will  leave you nor forsake you. I am with you wherever you go.
  • Don’t turn to the right or to the left and you will have .
  • Be and  x 4.