The Good Life: Obedience

Sermon Notes:

  1. Two  (Psalm 1)
    1.  leads to the good life (v. 1-3)
    2.  leads to the ruined life (v. 4-6)
  2.  obedience (Matt. 5:3-10)


  1. Spend  in God’s Word
  2.  to the Holy Spirit
  3.  to living counter-culturally

Going Deeper Questions

  1. Read Psalm 73:4-6, 12-14. What do the evil do? How might this be
    difficult for those who suffer while they are remaining obedient?
  2. Read James 1:25-27. After emphasizing the importance of not just being
    hearers of the word, but doers of the word James gives three examples of
    what Christians should do. What are they? Which of these three is most
    challenging for you? What will you do to grow in obedience?
  3. How have you found the good life when you have been obedient?
  4. Read Psalm 1:4-6. How are the wicked described?
  5. “We don’t placate or pacify our flesh to grow in holiness; we fight it and
    kill it, doing war with it as we journey to our home above.”
    -Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeny
  6. Read Matthew 5:3-10. How do we know this counter-cultural obedience is
    the path to the good life? How does Jesus describe those who obey?
  7. Read Ephesians 5:6-14. What is the instruction for believers? What will
    happen when we obey?
  8. Read Mark 8:35. How is the good life is a paradox?
    What does it look like to save your life? To lose your life? How can you apply
    this to your life this week?
  9. John Stott says, “The world dreams of progress, of power and of the
    future, but the disciples meditate on the end, the last judgment and the
    coming of the kingdom. To such heights the world cannot rise. And so the
    disciples are strangers in the world, unwelcomed guests and disturbers of
    the peace. No wonder the world rejects them!”
  10. How will you pursue obedience this week?