Micah 5:2-5

Sermon Notes

  1. A great ruler will ____ (v. 2)
    1. From ______ beginnings (v. 2a)
    2. From _______ times (v. 2b)
  2. His rule will bring _____ (v. 3-5a)
    1. By bringing people _________ (v. 3)
    2. By being the Good ________ (v. 4)
    3. By becoming their _____ (v. 5a)

Three threats to Shalom:

  1. ___________
  2. _____
  3. __________

Going Deeper

  1. Read Micah 5:2-5a. One author says: “Bethlehem reminds us that
    God comes to us in the humble and simple. Bethlehem was in the
    territory of one of the least influential tribes of Judah, yet out of
    Bethlehem comes the King of Kings. Bethlehem reminds us that Jesus
    was born in a small town; that he was born in a stable; that he was
    born to people of no fame. Bethlehem is God’s statement that God
    does great and wonderful things from humble beginnings.”
  2. If you have young kids, I recommend The Big Picture Story Bible. You can order it here: The Big Picture Story Bible
    Here is how the story goes:
    Years passed without a single word from God. And the years turned
    into many years and the many years turned into hundreds of years,
    and the great promises of God seemed to fade away.
    Israel became less and less important in the world. Other nations
    became great – strong nations, powerful nations whose kings ruled
    over God’s people.
    One such king was Caesar Augustus. This Roman ruler thought he was
    very important. One day he wondered to himself, “How will everyone
    know that I am the great Caesar, the Roman ruler, the king of the
    world? I know! I will count all the people under my rule. Surely that
    will show the world how great I am.
    So Caesar, the Roman ruler, the king of the whole Roman world,
    began counting all his people to show everyone how great he was.
    What Caesar did not know was that…
    God, the world’s true ruler, the king of the universe, was getting ready
    to show everyone how great he was. God was going to end his many years of silence. God was going to keep his promise of a forever king.
    And do you know how God was going to do this?
    Not like Caesar…not proudly, by counting all his people, but humbly,
    by becoming one of his people.
    In the power of his Spirit, God would bring his forever king into the
    world as a baby!
  3. Three threats to shalom are selfishness, pride and worldliness.
    Which of the three threats does the most damage in your life? What
    steps will you take this week to change your heart? Read John 15:1-
    11. How does abiding in Christ help you experience God’s shalom?

EXTRA: 4 practical tips for living at peace with others

  1. Do your part
    Read Romans 12:18. There is nothing you can do to make someone else be at peace with you. That’s why the instruction is, “If possible, as far as it depends on
    you.” Are you doing your part to live at peace with others?
  2. Forgive others
    Forgiveness is not forgetting. We may never forget what someone did
    to us. Forgiveness is releasing that person from any penalty you would
    like to see him/her pay. Forgiveness requires sacrifice. Read Ephesians
    4:32. How will you forgive others as God has forgiven you this week?
  3. Work toward oneness
    A critical aspect of shalom is oneness. Read Ephesians 4:1-3.
    How will you make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in
    the bond of peace?
  4. Become a servant
    Read Philippians 2:5-7. How will you conform your attitude to be like
    the attitude of Christ this week? He laid down His life in service to us.
    How will you serve others this week?