Jonah 1

Sermon Notes

I. Jonah goes _____ (v. 1-3)

3 ways we run from God today:

1. _____

2. _____

3. _____

II. A great _____ (v. 4-17)

A. Chaos on the _____ (v. 4-6)

B. Jonah is _____ (v. 7-10)

C. Jonah is _____ (v. 11-17)

Going Deeper

  1. Read through Jonah in one sitting (it should not take long – it’s only 58
    verses!). What are themes you see come through after reading the whole
    book? What words are repeated? (this helps us see themes)
  2. The story of Jonah is historical, not a myth or a parable. Read Luke 11:29-32. How does Jesus refer to Jonah? What does this say about the events of the book of Jonah?
  3. As you read Jonah 1 how many times do you see Jonah going “down”? When we run from God we are going down! How have you seen this in your life? How have you seen God’s grace work in those times?
  4. Why do you think Jonah went the opposite direction (v. 3)? The Assyrians (Nineveh was a prominent city) were brutal and oppressive. “I besieged [and] conquered the city. I felled 3,000 of their fighting menwith the sword. I captured many troops alive: I cut off of some their arms [and] hands; I cut off of others their noses, ears, [and] extremities. I gouged out the eyes of many troops. I made one pile of the living [and] one of heads. I hung their heads on trees around the city.” -Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria
  5. Read Psalm 139:7-8. Can we ever run from the presence of the Lord? What do you think makes us think we can?
  6. We have ways of running from God today (distraction, busyness, refusal to obey). Which do you find yourself doing the most? What will you do to stop running from God and run to God?
  7. Jay Sklar says, “Those who are spiritually proud are the quickest to forget their own need of God’s mercy and compassion, and therefore the slowest to have mercy and compassion for others.”
  8. Read v. 4-6. How did Jonah’s rebellion cause him to be unaware of himself and others? Sin can cause us to be totally unaware of how we are hurting ourselves and others. What is the proper response to sin? Do you need to repent of specific sins today?
  9. How does God’s great grace pursue Jonah? How has God’s great grace pursued you in your life?