Jonah 2

Sermon Notes

I. Jonah's _____ (v. 2-6)

A. Sinking, but not _____ (v. 2, 6)

B. The _____ overcomes Jonah (v. 3, 5)

C. Jonah _____ to the Lord (v. 4)

II. Jonah's _____ (v. 7-9)

A. _____ the Lord (v. 7)

B. Turn from _____ (v. 8-9)

III. Jonah's _____ (v. 10)

Going Deeper

1. Have you ever hit rock bottom? What happened? How did you
respond? How did God work?
2. Read Jonah 1:17. How did Jonah hit rock bottom?
3. Read Jonah 2:1. What did Jonah do? How long (do we assume) did
it take him to pray? Why do you think Jonah would wait that long?
4. Read Jonah 2:2-6. How is Jonah sinking, but not sunk?
5. Who threw Jonah overboard according to v. 3? What does this say
about God’s sovereignty?
6. Jonah had to surrender when he hit rock bottom. He gave up his
will, his control and his running. In what ways do you need to give up
your will, your control or your running today?
7. Read Numbers 21:4-9. Why were the people bitten by snakes (see
v. 6)? What did the Lord provide so the people could live? Now read
John 3:14-16. What is Jesus saying? How was Jesus “lifted up”?
8. Read Jonah 2:7. In what ways do you tend to forget the Lord? How
can you work on remembering the Lord?
9. Read Jonah 2:8-9. What idols do you tend to cherish (comfort,
pleasure, power, control, safety, money, the self)? How will you turn
from idols this week? Why is it important to turn from idols?
10. Read Matthew 6:24. Why can’t we serve two masters?
11. Why is it significant that Jonah makes a sacrifice and vow to the
Lord? Remember the end of chapter one!
12. Read Matthew 12:38-41. How are the religious leaders worse than
Nineveh? What is the sign of Jonah? How is Jesus a better Jonah?
13. When you hit rock bottom, what will you do?