Jonah 4

Sermon Notes

I. Jonah’s _____ (v. 1-5)

II. God _____ a lesson (v. 6-8)

III. God’s _____ for all people (v. 10-11)

Ways we cherish our comforts over lost souls:

1. We keep our _____ shut.

2. We keep our _____ to ourselves.

3. We _____ when we should _____.

Going Deeper

1. Read Jonah 4:1. Why is Jonah so angry?

2. Jonah 4:2 seems like a protest. Is it wrong to question God?
Read Psalm 13:1-6. The difference between David and Jonah is that after
David honestly questions God, he comes back to praise and trust. Jonah
does not. Have you ever questioned God? Did you come back to trust?

3. Why is Jonah in such despair (v. 3)? How does this remind us of chapter

4. Think of a really evil person. How would you feel about seeing that person
in heaven? This may be how Jonah felt.

5. In v. 4 the Lord asks Jonah, “Is it right for you to be angry?” Was it right
for Jonah to be angry? Starting May 21, we will start a two-week series in
the book of Nahum. Read the book in its entirety (only three short
chapters). This book describes Nineveh’s coming doom. Generations after
Jonah’s day the people of Nineveh went back to their wicked ways. This
time, God destroys them using a pagan nation, Babylon. What does this
teach us about God? What does it teach us about people?

6. Why did God plant the vine, make it grow, appoint a worm to destroy it
and appoint a scorching wind to make Jonah uncomfortable? Was Jonah’s
distress really about the vine? If not, what was it about?

7. How does Jonah’s isolation (outside the city) contribute to his distress?
How will you stay connected to Christian community this summer?

8. Read Luke 15:11-32. How is Jonah like the older brother? Do you have
“older brother” tendencies? What will you do to change?

9. In v. 10-11 the Lord explains his heart for all people. What is the lesson
of the vine for Jonah? How does this lesson apply to your life?

10. Jay Sklar says, “[May we] keep the Lord’s mercy and love so strongly in
front of our eyes that we remain humble toward him and become passionate
about sharing such wonderful mercy and love with others.” How will you
keep the Lord’s mercy in front of you this week and share God’s mercy?

11. In what ways do you cherish your comforts over lost souls? What steps
will you make to cherish lost souls over your comforts?