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Study Questions for 4/21/2019

Luke 24:1-12

1. Are you living in shadows right now? We will all face shadows in this life-doubt, depression, anxiety, tragedy, loss. When we do, how can we find hope in the resurrection of Jesus?

2. Read Psalm 13. What structure do you see? How does the Psalmist (David) speak to God? What is his request? How does he find hope in the midst of despair?

3. Read Luke 24:2. If you were in their shoes what would you be thinking? Read John’s account in John 20:1-2. Do you think she realized what had really happened?

4. Read Luke 9:22; 17:25; and 18:32-33. Jesus is clear about what is going to take place when he gets to Jerusalem. Why do you think the disciples did not understand? Why was no one looking for Jesus to be alive on the third day?

5. Why does it matter that Jesus was raised to life? Wasn’t it enough that he died for our sins? Read 1 Corinthians 15 for a fuller study of this topic.

6. Why is it important that the gospel writers record women as the first witnesses of the empty tomb?

7. In Luke’s account of the resurrection he only mentions Peter running to the tomb. In John’s account, both John and Peter ran to the tomb (John 20:3-10). Do these testimonies contradict? If it is true that Peter and John ran to the tomb is it true that Peter ran to the tomb?

8. What does Peter’s response (running to the tomb in Luke 24:12) indicate? How does this teach us about Biblical belief?

9. The resurrection of Jesus makes a difference because:

-We have new life in Christ (Romans 6:4)

-Christ’s victory is our victory (Romans 6:5)

-We are free from slavery to sin (Romans 6:6)

Which one of these truths is most encouraging to you?