Acts 1:1-11

Sermon Notes

I. Jesus __________ to go (1:3-5)

A. Jesus__________ his resurrection (v. 3)

B. Jesus __________ the Holy Spirit (v. 4-5)

II. The disciples prepare to be__________ (1:6-8)

III. Jesus __________ (Acts 1:9-11; Luke 24:50-53)

3 ways to live in a season of preparation:

1. Live for God’s__________ , not ours (v. 3)

2. __________ to the Holy Spirit (v. 4-5, 8)

3. __________ what God has revealed (v. 7-8)

Going Deeper

  1. Have you ever read the whole book of Acts? Read it this week from
    beginning to end (or listen on a Bible app). When you finish, what stands
    out to you? What are the characteristics of the early church we should
    seek to model? What questions do you have?
  2. R. Kent Hughes contrasts the book of Acts with the four Gospels:
    “In the Gospels the Son of Man offered his life; in Acts the Son of God
    offered his power. In the Gospels we see the original seeds of Christianity;
    in Acts we see the continual growth of the Church. The Gospels tell us of
    Christ crucified and risen; Acts speaks of Christ ascended and exalted. The
    Gospels model the Christian life as lived by the perfect Man; Acts models
    it as lived out by imperfect men.”
  3. Read Luke 24:36-53. Now read Acts 1:3. What proofs did Jesus give
    His disciples that he was really alive (bodily resurrection)? Why is the
    bodily resurrection of Jesus so important?
  4. Besides proving He was alive, what else did Jesus speak to the disciples
    about? Jesus taught them about the Kingdom of God frequently in Luke’s
    gospel (Luke 6:20; 7:28; 13:18-21; 14:15-24; 17:20-21; 18:15-17, 24-
    30). How is the Kingdom of God different than the Kingdoms of the world?
  5. Why did Jesus instruct his disciples to wait in Jerusalem (Acts 1:4-5)?
  6. Read John 16:7. Why is it to the disciples’ advantage that he go away?
  7. If you could spend 40 days with Jesus in person, what questions would
    you ask about the Kingdom of God? What did the disciples ask in Acts
    1:6? Why did they ask that? What was their expectation?
  8. What does Jesus promise in Acts 1:8? Why is this groundbreaking for
    them? Have you ever witnessed (shared the gospel) before? What
  9. Read Acts 1:9-11 and Luke 24:50-53. What happened when Jesus
    ascended to heaven? What did the disciples do in response?
  10. How do you know if you are living for God’s Kingdom of another
    kingdom? What will you do to live for God’s Kingdom this week?
  11. How will you submit to the Holy Spirit this week?