Acts 1:12-26

Sermon Notes

I. Be together in _______ (v. 12-14)

II. _______ God’s Word (v. 15-26)

A. _______ (v. 15-19)

B. _______ (v. 20-23)

C. _______(v. 24-26)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Acts 1:14. What were the disciples doing? Why is prayer so
    important (James 5:16)? The disciples may have been praying the
    pattern they learned from Jesus in Matthew 6:9-13. How did Jesus
    teach them to pray? Rather than just praying the “Lord’s Prayer”
    word for word, try praying with the characteristics of this prayer
    (God’s name, kingdom, will taking priority first, our needs second).
  2. How does prayer unite believers? Do you pray for other believers
    and with other believers? Have you ever used a prayer calendar
    (praying for a different person each day by name, asking how you
    can specifically pray for them)? Try starting a prayer calendar for a
    week, then a month. Encourage the people on your prayer calendar
    to start a prayer calendar of their own!
  3. How is Peter bold in Acts 1:15-17? Why did Peter believe Judas
    needed to be replaced? What does this tell us of Peter’s obedience?
  4. How was Judas’ heart taken over by greed (read John 12:1-8;
    Matt. 26:14-16)? Also read 1 Timothy 6:9-10. What will you do to
    avoid the love of money?
  5. As the disciples needed to deal with Judas’ sin, is there any sin
    you need to deal with today? Turn away from your sin and confess it
    to God (1 John 1:9).
  6. Read Acts 1:24-25. What is the disciples’ prayer? How can you
    pray this prayer in your life today?
  7. Why don’t we cast lots anymore (v. 27)? What does this tell us
    about the book of Acts (should we do everything they did)?
  8. The disciples were people of the Word, not the world. Do you read
    God’s Word? Do you know God’s Word? How will you seek to be
    more obedient to the Word this week (James 1:22)?
  9.  What steps will you take to more faithfully pray and obey?
    Be specific.