Acts 3:1-4:4

Sermon Notes

I. Power to ______ (3:1-11)

II. Power to______ (3:12-26)

A.______ (v. 12-18)

B. Call to______ (v. 19-26)

III. Two different ______ (4:1-4)

A. ______  and arrest (v. 1-3)

B. ______ and salvation (v. 4)

Going Deeper

  1. What is a blessing you are thankful for today?
  2. The lame are prominent in Jesus’ ministry (see Matt. 11:5; 15:30-31; 18:8; 21:14; Mark 9:45; Luke 7:22; 14:13, 21; John 5:3).
  3. Darrell Bock says, “Mission led Peter to go to where people in need were
    and to respond.” How can you better live on mission this week? What is God
    calling you to do for those less fortunate than yourself?
  4. Read Acts 3:7-10. What makes this healing so miraculous? How do the people know the healing is legitimate?
  5. Who healed the lame man (v. 16)? How did this miraculous healing open
    the door for the deeper healing (spiritual healing)?
  6. Read Acts 3:13-15. What did God do? What did the people do?
  7. Read Acts 3:17-18. What kind of Messiah did the Jews expect? What was the Messiah ordained to do (Isaiah 53)?
  8. What does Peter call the people to do in v. 19-20? What blessings are offered to all who do repent and turn back? In what ways do you need to repent today? How does God forgive us (see Col. 2:14-15; Rev. 3:5; 7:16- 17; 21:3-4)?
  9. How is Jesus a prophet like Moses (v. 22-23)? What is Peter telling the people by quoting Deut. 18:15, 18, 19? How will you apply this today?
  10. Read Genesis 12:1-3. How does Jesus ultimately fulfill the Abrahamic covenant?
  11. Darrell Bock says, “Turning to [Jesus] means becoming an ally of the one who provides and seeks righteousness from us (Acts 26:20, 23).” How will you become an ally of Jesus this week?
  12. The Sadducees did not believe in bodily resurrection (see Matt. 22:23; Mark 12:18; Luke 20:27). How did they respond to Peter’s message about Jesus being raised by God (see Acts 4:1-3).
  13. With whom do you need to share the gospel with this week? Pray for boldness to be a witness!