Acts 4:23-31

Sermon Notes

I. _____ to their people (v. 23)

II. _____ (v. 24-30)

A. _____ (v. 24)

B. _____ God’s sovereignty (v. 25-28)

C. _____ (v. 29-30)

1. Consider the _____ (v. 29a)

2. Help to speak God’s Word with _____ v. 29b)

3. God will continue to do _____ things (v. 30)

III. _____ and proclamation (v. 31)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Acts 4:23. To whom did Peter and John give their report? The church (the fellowship, the people of God) is meant to be a family. Are you connected to the family at Community Church? Why or why not? How can you deepen your connection with fellow believers?
  2. Look at Acts 4:24. How do the disciples begin their prayer? F. F. Bruce says they “pray in language derived from Hebrew scripture” (see Ex. 20:11; Neh. 9:6; Psalm 146:5; Isa. 42:5). Is this how we pray? Why or why not? What part of the disciples’ prayer will you apply to your prayer life?
  3. Check out this video to learn more about how to start your own prayer calendar:
    (or simply search “prayer calendar CDM” on
  4. When you pray do you consider the truth that you are speaking to the “Master” – the One with unchallengeable power, the Creator of all? How do your prayers need to change (see Nehemiah 9:6).
  5. Read Psalm 2. What do the conspirers want to do? How did this apply to the Jews and Gentiles of Jesus’ day? How does God respond to these people in Psalm 2:4-6? The Messiah is foretold in Psalm 2:7-12. How do these verses describe Jesus?
  6. God is sovereign and people are responsible for their actions. We see this in Acts 4:27-28. Why should we trust God’s sovereignty? How can we trust God’s sovereignty?
  7. What did the disciples pray for in the face of threats (Acts 4:29)? What would you pray for if you were in their situation?
  8. Does God do great things today (Acts 4:30)? How have you seen Him do great things? How does this provide an opportunity for you to share the gospel?
  9. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit what did they do (see Acts 4:31)? Why is this significant? We are urged to not be filled with wine, but to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18). To be filled is to be controlled by the Spirit. This requires full submission to God’s Word and
    work. What will you do this week to be controlled by the Holy Spirit (also see
    Galatians 5:16-26)?