Sundays are the best day of the week for Community Kids! For our SUMMER FAQs, CLICK HERE.

Our curriculum follows Bible stories chronologically through a 3-year cycle. This fall, our students will start over in Genesis and begin the journey through the Bible again!

We use The Gospel Project curriculum to teach children of all ages the same passage of Scripture at their own level, so brothers and sisters can talk over the details at home over lunch or throughout the week.  (Check out this video to get a sneak peek). We have weekly newsletters to help parents talk about the lesson at home too. You can click on "this week's lesson" above for talking points and activities, or check out our archived lessons below.

Join us every Sunday at 9am (Birth – 5th grade, and an older youth Sunday school class too!)*

*Family Worship Day is the first Sunday of every month. These days are reserved for families to bring their older elementary students into service so they can experience "big" church together. Therefore, there is no programming available for 2nd-5th+ grades on Family Worship days. Also, on Holiday weekends, we provide programming only through 4K to give our volunteers time off to spend with their families.

Want to know when our family worship and holiday services are coming up? Click here for our schedule.

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Summer 2024:
6/9/24 - The People Didn't Go Into the Land (Num 13-14)
6/16/24 - Moses Disobeyed God (Num 20)
6/23/24 - God Healed the People (Num 21)
6/30/24 - No One Is Like God (1 Peter 1)

Previous Newsletters from Winter 2024:
1/14/24 - God Provided Isaac (Gen 21-22)
1/21/24 - God Changed Jacob
(Gen 25-33)
1/28/24 - God Had a Plan for Joseph
(Gen 37-50)
2/11/24 - God Controls Everything (Job)
2/18/24 - God Called Moses (Ex 1-4)
2/25/24 - God Delivered His People (Ex 5-12)
3/10/24 - God Parted the Red Sea (Ex 13-15)
3/17/24 - God Keeps His Promises (Isaiah 9)
4/14/24 - God Provided Manna (Ex 16-17)
4/21/24 - God Gave the Ten Commandments (Ex 19-20)
4/28/24 - The People Worshiped a Golden Calf (Ex 32-34)
5/12/24 - The People Built the Tabernacle (Ex 35-40)
5/19/24 - God Deserves Our Worship (Lev 1-4)