Acts 6:1-15

Sermon Notes

I. Caring for                 (v. 1-7)

A. The                 (v. 1)

B. The                 (v. 2-6)

C. The                 (v. 7)


1. Dedicate ourselves to                 .

2. Dedicate ourselves to the                 

3.                  those in need.

II. Stephen’s                 v. 8-15)

A.                  (v. 8)

B.                   to Stephen (v. 9-10)

C.                 against Stephen (v. 11-15)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Acts 6:1. The word for complain is “murmuring.” Read Philippians 2:14 and 1 Peter 4:9. Why should Christians not complain?
  2. The disciples found themselves in a similar situation to Moses in Exodus 18. Read Exodus 18:13-23. What was Moses’ problem? What was the advice given? In what ways do you need to reorganize your
    life to care for people and not be overwhelmed?
  3. What kind of men were the apostles looking for to serve those in need (see Acts 6:3). How can you grow in these areas? Read 1 Tim. 3:8-10. What are the qualifications for deacons? How can you grow in these
  4. John Stott says: “God calls different men and women to different ministries.” To which ministry has God called you? Are you active in doing that ministry?
  5. How does Jesus prioritize prayer according to Luke 6:12 and Mark. 1:35? How will you prioritize prayer in 2024?
  6. How will you prioritize the Word of God in 2024? Go to to print our Bible reading plan!
  7. How will you prioritize serving others in 2024? Be sure to check out the GO ministry fair on Sunday, January 14 between services!
  8. How did God work through Stephen (Acts 6:8)? Why would this have created opposition (Acts 6:9-10)
  9. After all the false accusations against Stephen how was his appearance in front of the Sanhedrin (Acts 6:15)? Brian Vickers says: “The biblical imagery communicates the presence and power of God in
    Stephen through the Holy Spirit.” Read Exodus 34:29-35. How is Stephen a parallel to Moses? Read Luke 9:28-31. How did Stephen walk in the footsteps of Jesus?
  10. What is God calling you to do in 2024? What steps do you need to take this week to fulfill that calling?