Acts 9:1-31

Sermon Notes

I. Saul’s ________ (v. 1-9)

II. Ananias is ________ to open Saul’s eyes (v. 10-19)

A. God’s ________ (v. 10-16)

B. Ananias’ ________ (v. 17-19)

III. Saul’s ________ (v. 20-25)

A. His preaching ________ (v. 20-21)

B. Resistance ________ (v. 23-30)

Three ways to be redeemers:

1.  ________ 

2. Give  ________ 

3. ________ 

Going Deeper

  1. How would you define redemption in your own words?
  2. How does God redeem us? Read Galatians 3:13; 1 Peter 1:18-19.
  3. What has God redeemed in your life?
  4. Read Acts 8:1, 3. If you were an early believer, how would you pray for Saul? Would you believe he could be redeemed? Why or why not?
  5. Why does Jesus say Saul is persecuting him (Acts 9:5)? What does this say about Jesus’ connection with his followers?
  6. Read 2 Cor. 4:4. Who, in your life, has been blinded by ‘the god of this age’? What is God calling you to do about it?
  7. How does Ananias respond to the call to go visit Saul (Acts 9:13-14)? How would you feel if you were in Ananias’ shoes?
  8. What does God say about Saul (Acts 9:15-16)?
  9. What did Ananias do for Saul in Acts 9:17? Why was it significant?
  10. How did Saul’s preaching change in Acts 9:20? How did this astound his hearers (v. 21)?
  11. Brian Vickers points out: “Although readers are generally familiar with the story of Paul’s conversion, one thing that is not always noticed is the long period of time covered in Acts 9:1–31. This is a period of over three years, if the Jerusalem visit recorded in verses 26–30is the same as the visit with the apostles recorded in Galatians 1:18–19. As such, the chapter contains the period of time Paul spent in Arabia (Gal. 1:17). The story of this period of Paul’s life begins on the Damascus road and ends with him in Tarsus in the province of Cilicia, which borders on Syria (Gal. 1:21).”
  12. Vickers: “We should also learn from Ananias the lesson of obeying God, loving our neighbor, blessing those who curse us, and praying for those who persecute us.” Read Matt. 5:7–9, 43–47; 22:34–40Rom. 12:14–21. Are you loving your neighbor, blessing those who curse you, praying for those who persecute you? How will you do these things this week?
  13. Read Acts 9:31. William Larkin says: “This is a foretaste of what heirs of the messianic kingdom will one day enjoy” (read Jer. 3:16; 23:3; 33:6; Ezek. 37:26).
  14. How will you be a redeemer this week?  Through forgiveness, grace and generosity?  What other ways will you be a redeemer for others this week? Take time to thank God for being your Redeemer. Ask Him for strength to be a redeemer for others.