Acts 9:32-43

Sermon Notes

I. A ________ man gets up! (v. 32-35)

A. ________ heals Aeneas (v. 32-34)

B. People ________ to the Lord (v. 35)

II. A ________ woman gets up! (v. 36-43)

A. ________ (v. 36)

B. Tabitha ________ (v. 37)

C. Tabitha is ________ (v. 38-41)

D. Many ________ in the Lord (v. 42-43) 

Get up!

  1. From ________
  2. From ________ paralysis
  3. From ________

Going Deeper Questions

  1.  Why was it important for Peter to tell Aeneas, “Jesus Christ heals you”? Who will receive the glory for this miracle?
  2. Read Luke 5:24 and John 5:8-9. What similarities do you see here compared to what Peter says in Acts 9:34?
  3. What is the response of the people who saw Aeneas healed (v. 35)?
  4. Do miracles pave the way for the gospel message or is the gospel all about miracles? Why
  5. Commentator Brian Vickers says: “The healing of Aeneas by the apostle Peter is not merely an exercise in showing the Spirit’s power but, like so many instances in Acts, leads to conversions.
  6. Read v. 36-43. Brian Vickers: “[This] is another example of an event that is descriptive rather than prescriptive. There is no promise in Scripture that believers will be empowered to raise the dead.” Are there some who teach that we can raise people from the dead today? Why is this wrong?
  7. Read Mark 5:39-42. Compare with Acts 9:39-40. What is similar? What is different?
  8. Read v. 42. What is the response of all those who heard Tabitha had been raised from the dead? How does this reinforce that miracles pave the way for the gospel message?
  9. Is Jesus telling you to get up today?
    -Get up from spiritual death (read Eph. 2:1-9)
    -Get up from spiritual paralysis (read Eph. 5:8-14)
    -Get up from apathy
  10. What will you do this week in response to this message?