Acts 12

Sermon Notes:

Big idea today: when you live by faith, you can be amazed by God whether he sustains you
THROUGH agony or miraculously delivers you FROM agony.

Arrest and Murder

  • Context
  • Chapter 11 a hard time is coming—a famine
  • Chapter 12 a hard reality continues—a murder
    • Herod is King
      • V. 1 “laid violent hands”
      • Mark 10:37-39 A prophecy of pain
        o James the apostle
        A Miraculous Intervention
    • Then Peter
      • V. 5 Earnest prayer
      • V. 12-16 A Surprise Release
    • A Hard Question: why one and not the other?
      • Through agony vs. from agony
      • Daniel 3 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
      • “but if not…”
      • Psalm 23:3-4
      • GOSPEL: Jesus experienced both
    • Amazed by God
      • V. 16
      • The wisdom of escape

3 Application Points today

  • Trust the sovereign purposes of God
  • Embrace the power of earnest prayer
  • Change your surroundings and flee