Acts 19:11-41

Sermon Notes

I. God is victorious despite __________ (v. 11-20)

A. Unusual __________ (v. 11-12)

B. __________ is  exalted despite evil (v. 13-18)

C.  __________ begins (v. 18-20)

Four sinful practices to burn:

  • Foul  __________ 
  •  __________ 
  •  __________ 
  •  __________ 

II. God is victorious, despite  __________ (v. 21-41)

A. Artemis is  __________ (v. 23-27)

B. A  __________ erupts (v. 28-34)

C.  __________ in the midst of nonsense (v. 35-41)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Acts 19:11-12. Brian Vickers says: “Just as the [early] apostles preached with power and performed signs and wonders, so God works miraculous signs to accompany Paul’s ministry.” Read Acts 3:6–8; 4:33; 5:12, 15–16. How did God work through the earlier Apostles? ESV study Bible says: “As had happened at Samaria (8:9–13), Cyprus (13:6–11), and Philippi (16:16–18), the powerful forces of pagan magic (19:19) and religion connected to demonic activity (vv. 12, 15; cf. 1 Cor. 10:20; Eph. 6:12) were confronted by the far more powerful work of the Holy Spirit ministering through Paul.”
  2. What did the sons of Sceva do wrong in Acts 19:13-16? Are there people today who misuse the name of Jesus for their own purposes?
  3. What does revival look like in Acts 19:18-19? What will it cost you to fully devote yourself to following Jesus? What idols will you burn in your life this week?
  4. Read v. 20. What happened? How can this happen today?
  5. Read v. 21-22. What does Paul plan to do? Why?
  6. Read v. 23-27. William Larkin says: “At the very center of each culture is a religion, whether sacred or secular, expressed in a set of myths of origin, power and destiny. These in turn spawn the culture’s worldview, which generates social structures and behavior patterns.” What is Larkin saying? How do you see this playing out in our culture today?
  7. John Stott says “Luke’s purpose in reporting this incident: He wanted to show that Rome had no case against Christianity in general or Paul in particular.” How does God sovereignly protect the advance of the gospel through the city clerk (v. 35-41)?
  8. Are you a follower of Jesus? If so, how is your life different than non-believers? In what ways do you need to be obedient to the call of Christ this week, even though it may be difficult?
  9. Pray right now for revival in your life, in your family, in our community!