Acts 21:1-16

Sermon Notes

I. __________ the Holy Spirit (v. 1-6)

A. Heading to __________ (v. 1-3)

B. Disciples urge Paul to __________ go to Jerusalem (v. 4)

C. Another __________ farewell (v. 5-6)

II. __________ all to God (v. 7-14)

A. __________ to Caesarea Maritima (v. 7-8)

B. Prophecy about __________ (v. 9-11)

C. Paul is __________ to avoid Jerusalem (v. 12-13)

How to discern God’s will:

  1. God’s__________
  2. __________
  3. Godly __________ 

D. __________ to the Lord’s will (v. 14)

III. In __________ (v. 15-16)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Acts 21:4. Why do you think the disciples were telling Paul not to go on to Jerusalem? Read Acts 19:21. Also see what Paul says in Acts 20:22-23. It is clear the Spirit is leading Paul to Jerusalem. Furthermore, the Gentile churches had given Paul an offering to bring to the believers in Jerusalem (1 Cor. 16:3-4). Paul had to go, even if it meant suffering. What is God calling you to do, even if it means difficulty?
  2. There seems to be a contradiction in Acts 21:4 (“through the Spirit they were telling Paul not to go on to Jerusalem”). Brian Vickers explains: “It is entirely possible that the disciples understand exactly what the Spirit is indicating but misinterpret the meaning or intent of what they sense. It is even possible that they understand or interpret their Spirit-led knowledge as a command.”
  3. What did the believers do before Paul left in v. 5? Why is prayer so important? Who will you pray for this week?
  4. Who is Agabus (v. 10)? See Acts 11:28. What did Agabus do? What do we make of modern-day prophets? It is clear that the gift of prophecy was seen in the early church (1 Cor. 13:2; 14:1; 1 Thess.
    5:20–21). Is the gift of prophecy for today? This is debated by godly, thoughtful, Bible-believing Christians. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21. What should we do with prophesies? How does this apply to today?
  5. What is the reaction to the prophecy of Agabus in v. 12? Why did this break Paul’s heart (v. 13a)?
  6. What is Paul’s resolve in v. 13b? Do you have this kind of resolve to follow the Lord? To obey His Word?
  7. What softens our resolve? What are obstacles to our obedience?
  8. Suffering is the calling of faithful Christians (read 1 Peter 4:12-19). In Acts 9:16 Jesus said he will show Paul how much he will suffer for his sake. Are you willing to suffer for the gospel?
  9. R. Kent Hughes says: “Regarding knowing God’s will, certain classic explanations are very helpful. For example, God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, conscience, others—taken together, often reveal God’s will. A heart that is saved, Spirit-filled, sanctified, submitted to God can know God’s will.” Do you know God’s will? What will you do this week to follow?